The University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) and the Geneva Medical School
have created, in partnership with public and private organizations active in the cell search,
the Swiss Institute of Cell Therapies (SICT).


The SICT Foundation of public interest with headquarters in Geneva.

It is administred by a Board of Trustees composed of eleven members - members of the Foundation Board - mainly issued from medical and scientific, political, financial, industrial and legal fields.


The foundation's mission is to:
  • Promote the implementation of innovative cell therapies.

  • operate and promote the creation of specialized infrastructure.

  • Define a legal and ethical framwork, consistent with Swiss law and European guidelines for research on cell therapies.

The aim of the SICT foundation is to:

  • Develop an institute focused on the opportunities and clinical needs, as well as on the development and commercialization of innovative cell therapies (ICT).

  • Collect, coordinate and facilitate the work of clinical teams, research groups and private companies involved in ICT.

  • Train professionals in ICT.

  • Develop, distribute or make available biological, technical, procedural, legal and ethical for ICT.

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